A Time and Place for Cellular Therapy

For whatever reason, over the course of the last few weeks I have had various conversations with friends over what we exude out to
the world. What is it that we are putting out there and what do we attract. How we portray ourselves and what it takes to crack into those that may carry a heavy guard. I have been given some organic and valuable feedback around my persona. Sometimes I am amazed what people see. I’ve worked hard at it, to become and UNDO a little of what I so dearly wanted to change from my past, but, maybe sometimes to a fault. It’s certainly not that we all carry around a façade, I think we have simply learned the best way for ourselves to approach the world, our relationships, career, as a subtle form of protection. Is the guy that is always joking with sarcasm really just afraid of getting too close or afraid what the other person will see, otherwise? Is the woman that comes across reserved or formal just want to be taken seriously instead of objectified? What armor and tools do we use to safeguard our past experiences to the present? How do those experiences lie within our bodies on a physical level? I took some time to wonder how our emotional and physical experiences mold us, our personalities as well as our transformations. How our bodies know and are triggered by certain responses, no matter what we have learned or how much work we do to evolve, it is a constant job to manage those triggers and responses, which leads to an inordinate amount of control at times.. control that can make us a bit… rigid. The point is, how do we somehow make friends, embrace and work with those triggers or even learn them and then coexist or hopefully heal them completely in our lives, to be well, to be happy, to be a better person for yourself and for others. Doesn’t that sound like so much work?

Well, how does this all relate to health, nutrition getting healthy and staying healthy? Cellular healing, now becoming a bit more mainstream is a process of a little quantum physics and a little mind-body healing. There is a time and place for supplementation, serious courses of meds, saunas, detoxing, elimination diets and all the physical modalities we use to combat a health crises; it’s the reason I am back in school at the age of 40 to help heal those around me on a clinical level, but sometimes there is also a time and a place to take pause with treatment when the results are not forthcoming. It’s worth the time to take a step back, breath and trust in the work of removing trauma from the body instead of the symptoms and diagnoses by using alternative healing. If past experiences and/or trauma overrides your ability to get well and stay healthy, chances are there are some roadblocks to remove and work on emotionally. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to have an illness to do this type of work. You could be working on addiction, falling into unhealthy relationships, constant financial distress, lack of confidence or openness, fear…. and the list can go on here for a long time.

What is hard for most people to wrap their heads around with this type of work is usually the question of – what IS cellular healing or how can this really work? Take for instance PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder); PTSD can literally change the neurochemical and neurobiology of an individual, especially if trauma within the first five years of ones life. Cortisol and norepinephrine are two neurochemical systems that are critical in the stress response. And what happens when our stress response short circuits? You most likely get sick and/or imbalanced. Having lived in a high state of stress as an infant or young adult, coupled with genetics, environmental factors and an imbalanced lifestyle can literally lead to fear-related behaviors that have lasting effects on the body creating lifelong patterns. Of course, any type of consistent therapy can help with these obstacles, but there is something to say about getting to it from a different angle with cellular healing.

So, when this past summer I had been dealing with almost a year long post-Lyme treatment issue from all the medications and sick tummy and not being able to kick it without going into an awful spin, I took a break and started alternate healing – and it’s been working wonderfully. Here are a couple of modalities I have worked with that have resonated with me and that can perhaps work for you:

  • Body TalkBody Talk is an amazing technique that focuses on the underlying cause of illness by addressing your whole bodyprotocal-188202200_std instead of focusing on a symptom. It is a pretty intense scientific model, one that I was only able to learn on a basic level, looking at cells and atoms of the body in constant communication with one another. The main component for me, as in all types of work is the chemistry between you and your practitioner. Find one that you connect to and feel comfortable with. Danica Holoviak flushed out some major obstacles for me during my treatment in New York and I was also able to learn a bit on my own to do at home. You’ll also be amazed at what turns up and how past experiences can turn into physical issues. What I loved about Body Talk is the community and the learning process as to which each practitioner is required to do. It’s a constant practice educationally nationwide.




  • ACT (Advanced Cellular Training) – This involves coding for all of your cells that are malfunctioning and retraining your body on how to heal itself. The underlying message is that your body IS able to heal itself and if it’s cells are reset to the way the were originally meant to function,
    you can slowly heal on your own. I have been pretty ‘wow’ at the results of this process, but it is still too early for me to tell. The truth is, we have to stick to a process and commit to really take a view of the results over a course of time. Trust in the process and immerse.maxresdefault

Neither of these practices require you to have a traumatic past! It’s just that we have ALL in one way or another collected experiences that have shaped us and possibly created patterns and/or symptoms over time. If those patterns or symptoms are nagging and nothing else has worked for you, it’s just an option you may want to visit…..and if nothing else, there is always curiosity.



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