Nat_Kit (17)Natalie has a lifelong background in the areas of nutrition and health with a penchant for movement, dance and all things fashion and art. She is certified as an Ayurvedic Nutrition Counselor from Bioticare Institute in New York and is pursuing a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in order to practice as a Clinical Nutritionist.

Natalie became very sick with Lyme disease in 2011 while working in the field of finance. The disease led to a myriad of health concerns and chronic illness. To recover, she worked with a wonderful team of practitioners including a clinical nutritionist that became one of the pillars in her recovery. By combining an elimination diet, high-quality supplementation and natural therapies, she slowly began to recover. Natalie also saw improvement once she started using meditation, movement, yoga and dance in lieu of her intense pre-Lyme workout days. Now living in Denver, Colorado, Natalie realized that this dramatic experience led her in the direction of helping others recover utilizing food-based programs, creative expression and self-awareness to reach their health goals and successfully heal.

Natalie works with each individual to customize a personal program with a clear grocery list, cleansing methods and movement modalities that fit the personal needs and goals of the client. She works with all types of health concerns with a special focus on Lyme disease, chronic inflammation, as well as female hormonal imbalances.

Natalie’s strong belief is that by working with the biochemistry and diet of an individual while embodying creative expression through movement, one can integrate a strong and balanced mind and body, returning to optimal health.