Nat14b copy_1024Movement through any form can go hand in hand with healing from your insides out. During my recovery from Lyme disease I was no longer able to endure any type of ‘workout’, triathlon training, dance classes or pole fitness, which I loved for many years. I was encouraged to find anything that felt good to my body, even for just a few minutes to shake up my lymphatic system and get out of my head. But what I found was something much more profound.

Yoga, dance and movement meditation felt natural during this time and these are the tools I still hold onto today. Sometimes I could only tolerate 5 minutes on trampoline. Eventually, I was able to complete 60-90 minute classes; but it took a long time and commitment to get there.

Dance, movement, yoga, expression, these wonderful things can release so much on a physical and psychological level. One doesn’t necessarily need to perform an artistic act but rather move their body out of the dysfunctional patterns and roadblocks we put ahead of our healing and recovery. Not to mention keep our bodies fit during a grueling process. These are tools that one takes on with them when they are eventually healthy. You will too.

My intention and purpose for this blog regarding movement is to share techniques and experiences that continue to help me remain healthy, creative and vital so that you can try them too. Whether you are recovering or working through health issues or want to try something new, I simply encourage you to move.

When we breathe, move, and let go of our inhibitions we can create and project a new beginning of a healthy life ahead. We can actually hear what our body is trying to tell us. Just like a new eating program, one must commit to even small doses to heal and recover and continue. Using both nutrition and movement together can provide a fundamental platform for you to thrive and grow.