Nutrition Vitamins Lyme DiseaseMost of us know that what we eat can affect our waistline, energy levels and even our cognitive function. We all want to look and feel great, but when an individual is also dealing with acute or chronic illness, what we put into our bodies becomes even more important.

Nutrition on a holistic level is not only for weight-management but can be used as a tool to hone in on certain conditions, such as gut dysfunction, chronic inflammation and hormonal disturbances. There are so many supplements, diets and ‘experts’ on the subject that it becomes hard to discern what it is your body actually needs!

I have been asked on occasion, how does one all of a sudden have IBS, hormonal imbalances or chronic inflammation? The answer isn’t simple, but in a nutshell – it is far from sudden. Our bodies, as early as a little peanut in the womb can take on what our Mother is dealing with at the time of pregnancy! Over time, genetic composition, childhood illness, trauma to the body and environmental factors such as toxins, pollution and stress can all add to a taxed system, body and mind till the body starts to overflow with unwanted symptoms.


I would like to help educate and transition individuals into eating according to their symptoms, goals and preferences while using diagnostic testing of biochemical composition as necessary. Eating well and following a specific diet will only take us so far. If we know what elements in the body are not functioning properly, we can adjust supplementation and foods according to the individual and their lifestyle to restore health.